Sheri Bergman, LMT

Helping you move past the pain with a dual-modality approach of Trigger Point + Craniosacral therapies.


“The client speaks, I listen.
The body talks, I listen.
When looking for answers, I listen.” 

“There is nothing typical about this MT. Sometimes, when we are lucky, we cross paths with a special individual that has achieved an expertise to match their drive. When others give up, they keep pushing ahead. They make things happen. They bring HOPE. If you are reading this, today is your lucky day. You’ve just discovered Sheri.”


“Sheri is an expert. After living with years of chronic pain, she provided relief. If you have pain and are ready to feel better, there is no better person than Sheri to help you. She is kind, compassionate, and insatiably curious about what each person’s body is saying. She will take the time to listen to you and work with you to offer a modality custom suited to your needs. I cannot recommend someone more highly than Sheri.”