My mission? Help you move past the pain.

I’m a treating therapist, not a maintenance one. And that means I want you free of pain, full of life and joy – and OUT of my office once you’re well!

Don’t take this the wrong way… but I’d be thrilled if you never came back for the same issue again. It’s nothing personal. I just want you 100% pain free!

How you can help? Tell your friends and family.

My practice thrives on word-of-mouth. My favorite referrals come from my ​happy​ clients!

If a friend or family member sent you here, it’s because they want you to be seen + heard – and to experience the joy of a pain-free life like they have.  

And if a medical professional sent you here? Well, they must be beyond-the-box thinkers who want to help you move past the pain!

Know someone I should meet? Just click the appropriate link below, add their name to the “to” line and hit “send.” I’ll take it from there!

Clients: Refer a friend! 

Practitioners: Refer a patient!