Meet Sheri

Hi! I’m Sheri. I’m a licensed massage therapist who helps you move past your pain.

I have 25 years of experience in the field – 20 of them working alongside DC’s and PT’s, so don’t let the word “massage” fool you. When you visit my office, it’s no day at the spa.

My goal is to get you to 100% pain relief. I’m a treating therapist, not a maintenance one which means my goal is to eliminate the cause of your symptoms. Here’s how it works.

First, I work to understand how you process + perceive pain.

Every time we meet, I take the time to listen for clues on how to empower you to think beyond your pain or diagnosis and ask, “What else can we try?” I’ll treat you how I’d want to be treated if I were you.

Then, I use the best therapies to help you move past the pain.

You are complex and your pain is real. X-rays and MRIs don’t intimidate me. A diagnosis isn’t the end – it’s where our work begins. I use a dual-modality therapy approach to offer you the most effective therapies to address your pain.

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