Beyond the Box

“Shin Splints.” That was the box they put me in.

20170725_104340Many moons ago, I proudly ran track for Coach Katie Horstman in Minster, Ohio. (That’s me – bottom row, second from the left.) From day one, sharp pains in my shins stole much of the joy from the experience.

Doctors put me in a box labeled “shin splints” and gave up on me.

I ran with the pain until we won the state title my senior year. I remember the joy like it was yesterday, but I also remember the pain. I left the stadium throwing my runners in the trash, vowing never to run again.

You deserve better. That’s why I do what I do.

Whatever pain you’re experiencing, you deserve a practitioner who’s thinking beyond the box – asking, “What else can we try?” That’s what I do for my clients – and that’s what I’ll do for you.

Less pain, more joy, a fuller life. Anything is possible when you think beyond the box.

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